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Dinner at Sonrise

Weekly meetings

We meet on Mondays at 5:30pm each week for a time of worship and Bible study. And often with dinner provided as well! Sonrise house is a cozy apt at 1248 Arguello Blvd, within shouting distance of campus. Come join us!

Campus meetings

Every so often, we take a hiatus from our typical meeting spot to meet right on campus. A welcome night to kick off the year and scattered praise nights are some of our venues. Look out on our blog for these special events and where we're meeting.

Praise night on campus
Men's Retreat to Lake Tahoe


Each quarter of the academic year brings unique we've tailor-made a retreat for each of them! At Fall Retreat, we travel to some wooded scenery for a chance to bond and refresh after the usual hectic start to the new year. Winter Retreat brings us to Tahoe for skiing/ snowboarding/ snowshoeing/ sledding or however else you like to enjoy the snow. As the year winds down, we gather by a beach during Spring Retreat for good ol' California sun and fellowship. Men's and Women's Retreats round out the year for more intimate bonding.