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Fuel for Men's Retreat 2014

Other Places We Like to Visit

Local churches and contacts. A chart of churches in and around SF, along with Sonrise contacts you can email to get a feel for a church ahead of time or to ask for a ride.

Facebook page. We have a Facebook page! We're official!

Facebook group. Keep in touch with fellow Sonrisers around and abroad through our Facebook group. It's an open group...everyone's invited to join!

Sonrise Picasa Public Gallery. The advent of the ubiquitous camera phone means that every event has been meticulously chronicled. Note that most of our photos are now being posted to our Facebook group instead.

CityTeam SF. CityTeam SF Medical Clinic is looking for health professionals and students to volunteer.

Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF). A campus unity organization whose mission is to foster unity among the various campus fellowships and serve as a guide for newcomers to find the fellowships and churches that might best meet their spirtual needs.

Planning Pages

Funding. Funding sources and uses.

Food. Keep our fridge fresh!