The logo of Sonrise Christian Fellowship at UCSF
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About Sonrise

Sonrise is a welcoming community of believers whose vision is to worship God, help each other mature in faith, and impact our community for Christ. We seek to apply our faith to our professions in the health sciences.

We're a mix of people at UCSF (or just nearby) who come from a variety of denominations, brought together by our common desire to know Jesus better. We're excited that you're here at or are considering UCSF, and we pray that we can encourage one another in our spiritual journeys!

Where we meet

We meet at 1248 Arguello Blvd, a hop and a skip from campus. We've done some redocorating and shifted our meeting time to Mondays at 5:30pm as of 10/2016. Keep on the lookout for regular special outings as well!

Keep in touch!

Check out our Sonrise blog for the latest news and updates, including special events. You can like us on Facebook too!

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us to share any thoughts, prayer requests, or questions.